Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Everybody!


Hey ppl! Sorry we haven't been posting very many...entertaining things. Just totally random stuff, I guess. Not too interesting. Anyway, here's what's happened lately:

I got the package I ordered from Hot Topic today. I got two Twilight shirts (I am wearing one now), and I also got some presents for Jamie and Clare. I can't tell you what they are... they might read this. I have already told Jamie, b/c she forced me to. She kept saying, "The one where the kid almost fell to his death and landed in California." Appearently, that is the name of the book she is reading. I know, totally weird! I think I am going to finish Breaking Dawn tonight. I have already read it plenty of times, but me and my mom are doing this blog where we tell ppl if the book we read was any good or not. ( ) Kind of like reveiwing them. My mom hasn't reveiwed anything yet. Oh, this morning, around 1:30, I got tired of reading Breaking Dawn, so I starred at the ceiling for a minute. After a minute or two, I deside to finish the chapter in my book, and then go to sleep. I thought I saw something crawl across the ceiling. I can't see anything without my glasses on, (I can't really see anything WITH the glasses on either - I need stronger ones) and somehow I saw that bug. I run to the bathroom to find my glasses and make sure it isn't just a dust bunny or something. Nope. It's this freaky looking beetle thing. It was like a mix between a spider and a beetle. Odd. I see a broom leaning up agaist the wall (I have no clue why it is there - don't ask) and so I grab it, planning to smoosh it. I deside that (since it is dark and i can't really see), that i should get someone else to smoosh it. I have a feeling my mom is still up, so I go look in her room. I scare her when i come in, and she comes to smoosh the bug thing. She smooshes it, but I don't think she killed it. She is using the broom side of the broom. (if that makes sense) The bug falls down, and then we look on the floor for it, and can't find it, so i go to bed. this morning when I woke up, I heard her talking to my dad about me being up so early. What almost teenager isn't up at 1 in the morning? I don't want any comments saying some thing like, "I'm about ur age, and I don't stay up that late." Yeah, well most of them do. I think. Sorry for such a long post. :) ttyl

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slpmom67 said...

Sarra, you do have a way of finding bugs on walls/ceilings. Remember the bug you found crawling across Jamie's wall when you were on her bed??!! You were RIGHT beside it!!! I remember laughing so hard!!