Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jamie's silliness


Ohh, Jamie.... wow.... she's hilarious, and she just cracks me up... lmao. She used my hair spray (which she's used before) and...she might have eaten some of it. Has nobody taught her to keep her mouth CLOSED when using hair spray? I guess not... so funny! And...she just messed it up. She using it again, lets see what happens.... She got it in her eyes and smeared her make-up, too... she's SOOO smart. Wow, she cracks me up.... Silly, silly Jamie. I will always love her! :D

We're Back!!


Wow, so, it's been nearly TWO YEARS sense we've updated any posts on here! I guess being in 8th grade, you get kinda of busy with school and all that. I can't believe we forgot about this place! wow...


I agree with Jamie, here, and I can't believe we forgot about it! But, yeah, school does get you busy. So, anyways, right now me and Jamie are getting dressed to go meet my mom at Walmart. For some needed shopping, but they are also trying to get rid of me, I know it! lol. So yeah... We are leaving soon, but maybe we'll try posting again some other time! Jamie says Bye! :D