Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jamie's silliness


Ohh, Jamie.... wow.... she's hilarious, and she just cracks me up... lmao. She used my hair spray (which she's used before) and...she might have eaten some of it. Has nobody taught her to keep her mouth CLOSED when using hair spray? I guess not... so funny! And...she just messed it up. She using it again, lets see what happens.... She got it in her eyes and smeared her make-up, too... she's SOOO smart. Wow, she cracks me up.... Silly, silly Jamie. I will always love her! :D

We're Back!!


Wow, so, it's been nearly TWO YEARS sense we've updated any posts on here! I guess being in 8th grade, you get kinda of busy with school and all that. I can't believe we forgot about this place! wow...


I agree with Jamie, here, and I can't believe we forgot about it! But, yeah, school does get you busy. So, anyways, right now me and Jamie are getting dressed to go meet my mom at Walmart. For some needed shopping, but they are also trying to get rid of me, I know it! lol. So yeah... We are leaving soon, but maybe we'll try posting again some other time! Jamie says Bye! :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Book!!!


I got this awesome book yesterday!!! It's called The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan. It's about this guy named Charlie who all of a sudden wakes up in a room, strapped to a chair. He can hear guys talking outside of the room, and they have just been given orders to kill him!!! Sounds exciting, right? I KNOW!!! I am soooo excited to read it. Me and Jamie met at Barnes&Noble yesterday, and we found 2 awesome books. We had to fight over who got which book. The one that Jamie ended up getting is Called Blood and Chocolate. It has something to do with werewolves. When we are both done reading our books, we are going to switch. I think that I got the better book! Hehehe!!! Oh well. I spent the night at Jamie's house last night. Her mom just said hey Sarra, you can spend the night, but you have to wake up at 6:30. I said ok!!! I ended up waking up at, like, 7:15. Jamie had to go to summer camp. That's why we had to wake up so early. When I got home I took a nap, and woke up again at 12:30. I usually sleep until, like, 11 or 12 anyway. ttyl!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hey everybody its jamie!!! I just wanted to let you know whats been going on. like sarra said, we know our blog isn't famous or anything but we do our best to keep you entertained!!!!!! i am veeeeeeeeeeeeeery sleepy right now. we went swimming today while my dad went and saw the blue angles perform. We go swimming alot! thats one of the many advantages of living near the beach! Anyway, i guess i'll just keep posting and keep you guys up to date!!! ttyl!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey Everybody!


Hey ppl! Sorry we haven't been posting very many...entertaining things. Just totally random stuff, I guess. Not too interesting. Anyway, here's what's happened lately:

I got the package I ordered from Hot Topic today. I got two Twilight shirts (I am wearing one now), and I also got some presents for Jamie and Clare. I can't tell you what they are... they might read this. I have already told Jamie, b/c she forced me to. She kept saying, "The one where the kid almost fell to his death and landed in California." Appearently, that is the name of the book she is reading. I know, totally weird! I think I am going to finish Breaking Dawn tonight. I have already read it plenty of times, but me and my mom are doing this blog where we tell ppl if the book we read was any good or not. ( ) Kind of like reveiwing them. My mom hasn't reveiwed anything yet. Oh, this morning, around 1:30, I got tired of reading Breaking Dawn, so I starred at the ceiling for a minute. After a minute or two, I deside to finish the chapter in my book, and then go to sleep. I thought I saw something crawl across the ceiling. I can't see anything without my glasses on, (I can't really see anything WITH the glasses on either - I need stronger ones) and somehow I saw that bug. I run to the bathroom to find my glasses and make sure it isn't just a dust bunny or something. Nope. It's this freaky looking beetle thing. It was like a mix between a spider and a beetle. Odd. I see a broom leaning up agaist the wall (I have no clue why it is there - don't ask) and so I grab it, planning to smoosh it. I deside that (since it is dark and i can't really see), that i should get someone else to smoosh it. I have a feeling my mom is still up, so I go look in her room. I scare her when i come in, and she comes to smoosh the bug thing. She smooshes it, but I don't think she killed it. She is using the broom side of the broom. (if that makes sense) The bug falls down, and then we look on the floor for it, and can't find it, so i go to bed. this morning when I woke up, I heard her talking to my dad about me being up so early. What almost teenager isn't up at 1 in the morning? I don't want any comments saying some thing like, "I'm about ur age, and I don't stay up that late." Yeah, well most of them do. I think. Sorry for such a long post. :) ttyl

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Moon Trailer!!!


Here is the New Moon trailer! Remember, New moon hits theaters on November the 20th!!!

Oh yea


Woops. Be very glad that jamie put up that post telling u guys that this is just a random blog. Actually, one of the things we might talk about pretty often are the books that we love. Right now our two favorite series are Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Jamie was the one who got me started on Twilight, and now I think that I love it more than she does! I got Jamie hooked on The Mortal Instruments! I think she read all three of them in about 4 or 5 days. I'm not really sure. i'll have to ask Jamie about that. Right now Jamie is at summer camp, and I have nothing else to do, so I will put up a post or two today...perhaps a little more than 2...